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Airfields in Belgium during WWII

Sint-Kruis (Brugge) RAF Air Base - B63

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Last update: 31/07/21

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Situated at 0,5 km from city of Brugge, the airfiels was constructed by the Germans army. Subsequently used by German, Belgians and french aircraft.
After WWI, the airfield was again used by local inhabitants as farmland and vegetable gardens.
In 1939, political tension arising, the airfield became a auxiliary airfiel for Belgian Aeronautique Militaire. Construction and developpement took place between 1939 and begin of 1940

WWII: Germans's use

The base became a satellite airfield of Maldegem. In 1943, the runway was transformed in field of potatoes and vegetables.
Until begin of 1944, German guard personnel remained there and in April, the airfield waas trenched, the Belian resistance suspected it to be mined.

WWII: Allied's use

The airfield receive on mis of September 1944 the 276 Sqd. Few works of surfacing of the runway were dicided and done, but the B63 airfielf was abandonned by RAf in January 1945.

Post War

After end of war, the airfield reverted to agriculture and farmland conditions.

airfields in Belgium

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