* Ceremony of solemn tribute at Rebecq on September 29th 2021 *
Monument "The Hive" at Zedelgem: A need for every citizen to examine their conscience

Ceremony of solemn tribute - Memorial of Rebecq
Rebecq, Wednesday September 29th, 2021

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Last update: 31/07/21

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

We will organize un solemn tribute to the Airmen who fell on Belgian soil during WW2 and to the Belgian Resistance who helped the surviving of the crashes to escape from the enemy

This event is planed on Wednesday September 29th, 2021, at the Memorial of Rebecq in the presence of the Representative of His Majesty the King of the Belgians.


08h30: Setting up and installation of the Royal Music, the Guard of Honour, students, Standard bearers and guests.
09h50: Appeal to the public to take place

Academic part
10h00: Arrival of the King’s Representative

Welcome Address (Speaker)
Speech by the President of The Belgians Remember Them
Address authority 1
Address authority 2


Protocol part
- Bell "Aux Champs"
- Naming of civilian and military victims (with students)
- Laying of wreaths

Bell "The Last Post"
- citation “The Exhortation”
- 1 minute of silence
- Citation “The Kohima”
- Bell “The Reveille”

Belgian National and European Anthems

Closing of the Ceremony

11h00: Departure of the King’s Representative
Closing Announcement and Invitation to Reception

Official invitations will be sent around August 15, 2021
A reception is planed after the ceremony

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