* Unveiling of the National Memorial to the Soviet Armed Partisans in Belgium - 1944 - 2019 *

Lists of data

* List of RAF crash sites in Belgium during WW2 *
* List of RAF Squadrons whose aircraft crashed in Belgium *
* List of RAF aircraft that crashed in Belgium during WW2 *
* List of RAF crashes in Belgium by province *
* List of RAF and other Commonwealth aircrew fallen in Belgium during WW2 (by date) *
*List of RAF other Commonwealth aircrew fallen in Belgium during WW2 (by name) *
* List of cemeteries where RAF aircrew are buried in Belgium *
* List of RAF aircrew fallen in Belgium (by nationality) *

Last update: 29/10/2019

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

The Allies’ efforts to remove the Germans from Belgium and put an end to the reign of Nazism in Europe were enormous.
If the general theme of this site is on the role of the Royal Air Force in Belgium, we do not forget the contribution of the United States Army Air Force and its aircrew.
We also do not forget that the United Kingdom was involved in the defence of Belgium in May 1940, as in 1914. By this time, the RAF had losses of 1300 aviators in Belgium.
The pages of this chapter inform the user about the importance of the operations carried out by the RAF in Belgium and the sacrifices made by the aircrew. We hope that this will be a real help to those looking for information about any particular RAF person involved in the defence of Belgium between May 1940 and May 1945.

Important Notice:
At present (January 2019), information about all the crashes of RAF aircraft and the aircrew involved has not been completed.
There is still an important number of cases where we must still carry out research about the place of the crash, the number killed, those missing, prisoners of war and evaders. However, we have currently recorded 3878 service personnel, the “unaccounted” included, who were killed, missing or casualties i.e. injured or wounded in Belgium during the Second World War.

As stated above, we have decided to count among the heroes those recorded by the RAF as "Unaccounted".
That is, the personnel responsible for the maintenance of aircraft and the construction and maintenance of air bases sent to Belgium as late as September 1944, after that the invaders had been driven from the country.
Like the aircrew, they volunteered and helped to save the Belgians and Belgium from Nazi oppression.


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