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* Ceremony of solemn tribute at Rebecq on September 29th 2021 *

Ceremony of tribute to the National Memorial
to the Soviet Armed Partisans in Belgium - 1940-1944
Rebecq, Sunday May 9th, 2021

Last update: 31/07/21

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

Update of health measures

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As announced at our first invitation and following the latest governmental health directives issued on Friday 23 April 2021, we have adapted the procedures concerning to the commemoration scheduled for 9 May at the National Memorial to Soviet Armed Partisans in Belgium.

For this purpose, the maximum number of people with access to the communal cemetery of Rebecq where the ceremony will take place will be 50 people.
The rules for distancing people will apply and wearing the mask will be mandatory.
Those wishing to lay flowers will hand them out as soon as they enter the cemetery to the person in charge of the service. They will be returned at the time of laying.
The reception following the ceremony is cancelled due to the constraints involved.

Parking is provided in the immediate vicinity of the celebration site.
A police service will ensure the movement of people and vehicles.
The program of the ceremony was adapted because of these last prescriptions.

We ask that you confirm your attendance on this day and your wish to lay flowers as soon as possible by Email ( or by calling us at 068/286.466 or 0479/245.148.

We thank you for your understanding and send our most cordial greetings.

Wilfred Burie,


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