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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

Date: posted on 11/05/2020
From: Vincent Camps (Belgium)

Messieurs, félicitations pour votre magnifique et très informatif. N'oublions jamais leur sacrifice!
Heren, gefeliciteerd met uw prachtife site die veel waardevolle informatie bevat. Laten we hun offer nooit vergeten!
Gentlemen, congratiulations on your wonderful and very informative website. Let us never forget their sacrifice!

Date: posted on 29/06/2019
From: Jo-Anne Roberts, Vancouver, Canada

I would like to send my deepest thanks for maintaining this web site and undertaking the task of remembering those who sacrificed their lives in the war. I think that the worst thing for those who died would be to be forgotten...
... Thank you so much again for working on this extremely valuable project. It's so important to remember those who sacrificed themselves for such high ideals, especially when these ideals are being threatened again.

Date: posted on 27/05/2019
From: L. Pik, Australia


Thank you for remembering my uncle Robert Everard Pellew from Adelaide, South Australia. He was my mother's only brother and just 21 years old when he was listed as 'missing in action', leaving his family heartbroken...
... Even though I never met him, it warms my heart to know that my Uncle Bob is being honoured in your country.

Date: posted on 2/05/2019
From: John Duell, Norfolk

I must congratulate you on the Belgians-remember-them website. It is a wonderful tribute to the fallen, and a great source of information for the generations of people who are too young to know what an enormous sacrifice our ancestors made in WW2.
For we British who remained free on our little island it's important to remember that the civilians of Europe bravely resisted the invaders, and many paid a high price.

Date: posted on 13/04/2019
From: D. C. Cole, New Zealand

"What a wonderful surprise it was to know that your country still remembers so generously, thank you. Flight Sergeant Douglas Neville Cole was my cousin and although I never had the opportunity to meet him,
I did know is parents John and Mildred Cole who were my Uncle and Aunt. He was their only son and as a consequence, so very dearly missed.
They would be humbled and honored to know that he is still remembered by the nation who now cares for his memory, Douglas was just 22 years old when he died.

Date: posted on 14/01/2019
From: John Jones, UK

I do like your website. It has given me information when I have been unable to find it elsewhere. I thank you for that...
I wish you success in your endeavours with the site. I know that you will be very successful.

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