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Airfields in Belgium during WWII

Moorsele RAF Air Base - B73

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The base was built by the Belgians in 1937 as an auxiliary field for Courtrai-Wevelghem.

WWII: Germans'suse

The Luftwaffe enlarged and improved the landing area and used it occasionally as a fighter station and for emergency night landings by bombers. Surface and Dimensions: artificially drained grass surface measuring 1050 x 915 meters (1150 x 1000 yards).
No paved runway. A perimeter track encircled the landing area. Fuel and Ammunition: both were stored in small stockpiles in or adjacent to the dispersal areas. Infrastructure:had a single, small old Belgian hangar on the S boundary that was used for repairs.
Small groups of station buildings and barracks were scattered around the perimeter.
The nearest rail connection was 2 km WNW in the village of Ledegem.
Dispersal: the 3 dispersals – North, East and West – had a total of 13 large and 24 small aircraft shelters in Jun 43.
Defenses: there were 2 heavy and 4 light Flak positions in the vicinity of the landing ground in Jun 43. Ground defenses consisted of 1 strongpoint and 2 machine gun positions.

WWII: Allied's use

After having liberated Belgium, British Forces began to repair shortly the airfield which was destinated to serve as emergncy air base. Due the distance betwenn B73 and the front and the vicinity with other air bases, the airfield of Moorsele was abandonned on December 10th 1944.

Post War

Moorsele Airfield (ICAO: EBMO) is a recreational airfield located in Moorsele, a village in the municipality of Wevelgem in Belgium. It is operated by Vliegveld Moorsele VZW and was formerly operated by the Belgian Air Component. It is mainly used as a light general aviation field for ULM and parachuting activities.

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