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Airfields in Belgium during WWII

Peer RAF Air Base - B76

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


In May 1931, a private aerodrome was opened to Peer.

WWII: Germans's use

On May 13rd 1940, Germans arrived to Peer with II/JG 2 and III/JG 26, but left after few days to Beauvechain (Le Culot) air base.

WWII: Allied's use

Arrived to peer airfield, elements of British Army prepared the installations and runway to receive aircraft. But the condition of the soil and the vicinity with B90 Kleine Brogel air base decided the RAF to choose B90 instead of B76 Peer which is abandonned on December 31st 1944.

Post War

Returned to Belgian State, Peer is actually grassland split by one-land roads.

airfields in Belgium

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