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Airfields in Belgium during WWII

Moerkerke RAF Air Base - B69

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Last update: 31/01/22

Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


The construction of an aerodrome at Moerbeke began in 1939. It was to serve as an auxiliary aerodrome to the Belgian Military Aeronautics. The first plane landed there on January 17, 1939. The tension rising at the end of 1939, the base was used for mobilization exercises by support flights; the construction was not completed when the war entered.

WWII: German's use

During the first days of the invasion, the Belgian soldiers began to destroy the facilities there, but the rapid arrival of the Germans interrupted the destruction and they were able to quickly restore the abandoned installations to working order.
The occupants mainly installed anti-aircraft defenses (FLAK), concealed in dummy planes in order to attract the enemy under machine gun fire to the ground. During their retreat, the Germans used the base as a staging point for the troops.

Allied's use

It was the British who released the base on September 16, 1944. They decided to cover the runway with experimental bitumen. When this was achieved, the RAF authorities finally decided to use the base as a repository for material. It was also used as a back-up aerodrome for aircraft returning from the emergency landing.

Post War

After the war, Moerkerke airfield was abandoned and the land returned to its original owners.

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