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The cemeteries where rest the fallen: Province of Vlaams Brabant

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence


Crew-members buried in this cemetery:


* Crew of Battle P2326-HA fallen to Saint-Vith on 11/05/1940
* Crew of Battle L5227-PH-J fallen to Veldwezelt on 12/05/1940
* Crew of Blenheim N6229-XD fallen to Tongeren on 12/05/1940
* Crew of Blenheim N6215-XD fallen to Lanaken on 12/05/1940
* Crew of Battle I P2204 fallen to Eigenbilzen on 12/05/1940
* Crew of Blenheim 8849-LS fallen to Beverst on 12/05/1940
* Crew of Hurricane P2620 fallen to Landen on 13/05/1940
* Crew of Wellington L7843-BU fallen to Namur on 28/09/1940
* Crew of Blenheim L8733-OM-Q fallen to Voroux-Goreux on 12/05/1940


* Crew of Wellington N2849-PM fallen to Hamont-Achel on 16/06/1941
* Crew of Hampden AD862-ZN fallen to Eben-Emael on 3/07/1941
* Crew of Wellington R1624-DX fallen to Lozen on 16/07/1941
* Crew of Whitley Z6586-ZA-F fallen to Martenslinde on 17/08/1941
* Crew of Whitley Z6672-ZA fallen to Riemst on 19/08/1941
* Crew of Manchester L7321-EM-D fallen to Hozémont on 14/10/1941
* Crew of Hampden AE253-UB-B fallen to Hélécine, on 7/11/1941
* Crew of Hampden AD791-PL fallen to Oteppe-Marneffe on 8/12/1941


* Crew of Wellington X3425-DX fallen to Opoeteren on 2/04/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z1148-BU-L fallen to Overrepen on 15/04/1942
* Crew of Wellington X9764-NZ fallen to Leuven on 6/04/1942
* Crew of Manchester L7470-QR fallen to Piringen on 07/04/1942
* Crew of Halifax W7653-DY-A fallen to Hamois on 28/04/1942
* Crew of Stirling W7520-MC-S fallen to Brustem on 20/05/1942
* Crew of Manchester L7301-ZN-D fallen to Bree on 31/05/1942
* Crew of Halifax W1064-MP-J fallen to Grez-Doiceau on 2/06/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z8533-PH-V fallen to Molenbeersel on 3/06/1942
* Crew of Halifax W7701-TL-U fallen to Molenbeersel on 8/06/1942
* Crew of Lancaster ED781-DX fallen to Lantin on 25/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR673-TL-B fallen to Riemst on 04/07/1944
* Crew of Wellington BJ876-WS fallen to Neeroesteren on 1/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington DV736 fallen to Genk on 1/08/1942
* Crew of Halifax W7750-NP-M fallen to Opglabbeek on 7/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z1404-UV-J fallen to Eisden on 13/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z1594-SR fallen to Ougrée on 25/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington X3754-SR fallen to Wandre on 28/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington Z1281-SM-Z fallen to Wihogne on 28/08/1942
* Crew of Spitfire AB317 fallen to Seraing on 28/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington X3675-KO-D fallen to Grand-Hallet on 28/08/1942
* Crew of Wellington X3728-GT fallen to Perk on 29/08/1942
* Crew of Lancaster R5763-EA fallen to Abee on 3/09/1942
* Crew of Mosquito DK322-GB-P fallen to Tourinnes-la-Grosse, on 6/09/1942
* Crew of Halifax W7782-EY-C fallen to Sclayn on 8/09/1942
* Crew of Wellington X3745-JN fallen to Sart-St-Laurent on 9/09/1942
* Crew of Stirling R9350-BU-T fallen to Bomal on 17/09/1942
* Crew of Wellington HE110-SJ-Q fallen to Spalbeek on 17/09/1942
* Crew of Halifax W1216-PM-Q fallen to Rosmeer on 5/10/1942
* Crew of Halifax DT496-MP-A fallen to Verviers on 5/10/1942
* Crew of Mosquito DK339-GB fallen to Sint-Truiden on 9/10/1942
* Crew of Wellington BJ606-PH-S fallen to Wintershoven on 15/10/1942
* Crew of Lancaster W4360-DX fallen to Malève, on 22/11/1942
* Crew of Stirling R9259-MG-J fallen to Sauvenière on 6/12/1942
* Crew of Wellington X9635 fallen to Durnal (Crupet)on 28/04/1942
* Crew of Wellington DV480-OP-N fallen off coast on 19/07/1942
* Crew of Manchester R5794-EA-S fallen to Turnhout on 2/06/1942
* Crew of Hudson T9445-MA-O fallen to La Roche-en-Ardenne on 6/03/1945
* Crew of Manchester L7465-OL-H fallen to Lichtaart on 25/03/1942


* Crew of Lancaster ED488-VN-N fallen to Hamont-Achel on 2/02/1943
* Crew of Stirling BF448-LS-T fallen to Helchteren on 14/02/1943
* Crew of Halifax DT752-EQ-W fallen to Nassogne on 17/04/1943
* Crew of Stirling BK760-MG-X fallen to Tongerlo on 11/04/1943
* Crew of Wellington HE682-PT-T fallen to Wellin on 17/04/1943
* Crew of Wellington HZ476-NA-A fallen to Bree on 26/05/1943
* Crew of Halifax W7813-KN-C fallen to Gruitrode on 26/05/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR717-NP-E fallen to Leopoldsburg on 29/05/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W4838-KM-B fallen to Genk on 30/05/1943
* Crew of Halifax DT804-TL-C fallen to Sint-Truiden on 30/05/1943
* Crew of Halifax DS627-KO-R fallen to Hechtel on 30/05/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD168-KN-T fallen to Oupeye on 12/06/1943
* Crew of Stirling BK817-AA-B fallen to Froidthier on 12/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED629-PK-H fallen to Neerpelt on 17/06/1943
* Crew of Stirling ED366-MG-L fallen to Achel on 22/06/1943
* Crew of Stirling EF348-LS-N fallen to Kessenich on 23/06/1943
* Crew of Wellington HF457-AL fallen to Houthalen on 23/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster LM-323-OF-U fallen to Jalhay on 29/06/1943
* Crew of Stirling BK694-LS-C fallen to Lommel on 29/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR812-TL-F fallen to Wandre on 29/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax DK137-MP-R fallen to Liege on 29/06/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR734-NP-P fallen to Loncin on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED820-PH-A fallen to Walhain on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR813-LH-Q fallen to Wavre on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Wellington HE980-ZO fallen to Averbode on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Stirling BF530-OJ-B fallen to Geetbets on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Wellington HZ481-QO-W fallen to Louvegnée on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Wellington HF569-HD fallen to Neerhespen on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Wellington HF595-AS-Y fallen to Neerhespen on 4/07/1943
* Crew of Lancaster R5573-ZN-B fallen to Harzé on 9/07/1943
* Crew of Lancaster ED923-OF-V fallen to Bassenge on 9/07/1943
* Crew of Stirling EE873-WP-D fallen to Rotem on 14/07/1943
* Crew of Halifax EB255-IP-P fallen to Tongeren on 23/08/1943
* Crew of Halifax JD371-KN-O fallen to Modave on 28/08/1943
* Crew of Halifax JB835-DY-X fallen to Auvelais, on 28/08/1943
* Crew of Wellington HE988-AS-U fallen to Lozen on 31/08/1943
* Crew of Halifax LK894-IP-K fallen to Kessenich on 31/08/1943
* Crew of Stirling EH938-AA-F fallen to Lommel on 31/08/1943
* Crew of Halifax HR739-NP-U fallen to Hechtel on 31/08/1943
* Crew of Halifax LW298-NP-L fallen to Vlijtingen on 3/11/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W4822-DX-P fallen to Hechtel on 3/11/1943
* Crew of Lancaster DS680-KO-L fallen to Hermée on 17/11/1943
* Crew of Lancaster JB367-OF-S fallen to Bommershoven on 18/11/1943
* Crew of Lancaster DV285-SR-Q fallen to Aywaille on 26/11/1943
* Crew of Halifax HX270-TL-M fallen to Sint-Truiden on 20/12/1943
* Crew of Lancaster DS704-EQ-W fallen to Tessenderlo on 20/12/1943
* Crew of Lancaster W4123-UL-R2 fallen to De Plank on 20/12/1943
* Crew of Lancaster LM324-UV fallen to Meeuwen on 15/06/1943
* Crew of Lancaster JA923-OF-H fallen to Limbourg (Verviers) on 4/10/1943


* Crew of Lancaster PB258-SR-V fallen Braver (D) on 15/01/1944
* Crew of Mosquito HX949 fallen to Moustier on 24/02/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LM425-BQ-N fallen to Jalhay on 31/03/1944
* Crew of Lancaster R5734-QR-V fallen to Monin on 31/03/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LL639-JI-R fallen in Roermond (NL) on 11/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME581-BQ-D fallen to Berinzenne on 13/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND826-FZ-W fallen to Dion-le-Mont, on 20/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax HX337-HD-W fallen to Basses-Arches on 22/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND806-AS-S fallen to Tourinnes-la-Grosse, on 23/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax HX291-BM-W fallen to Meeuwen on 23/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ND328-HW-W fallen to Sint-Martens-Voeren on 25/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster HK542-KO-J fallen to Sint-Truiden on 25/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW515-EY-A fallen to Tourinnes-la-Grosse, on 25/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax HX326-ZA-N fallen somewhere on 27/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ588-QO-W fallen to Verviers on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW592-QO-A fallen to Sur-les-Bois on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ565-MH-O fallen to Kemexhe on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax LL258-WL-W fallen to Teuven on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Mosquito DZ656-TW-J fallen to Helchteren on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax LK842-SE-N fallen to Houthalen on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Halifax LV783-MH-Z fallen to Moelingen on 28/04/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LL792-PO-E fallen to Beverlo on 11/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME 627-LE-S fallen to Herenthout on 12/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME690-AA-Z fallen to Neerpelt on 23/05/1944
Crew of Halifax MZ501-DT-P fallen to Beverlo on 25/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax HX352-AL-L fallen to Gellick on 25/05/1944
Crew of Halifax MZ502-PT-U fallen to Overpelt on 28/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax HX313-QB-B fallen to Oostham on 28/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax LV831-ZL-P fallen to Baisy-Thy on 28/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ295-AL-Y fallen to Baisy-Thy on 28/05/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW365-ZL-W fallen to Leuven on 28/05/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME843-LE-U fallen to Hamont-Achel on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Lancaster LL973-EM-M fallen to Dorne on 22/06/1944
* Crew of Hampden AD859-OL-O fallen to Munsterbilzen on 29/09/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW391-KW-J fallen to Beverlo on 15/10/1944
* Crew of Lancaster PB523-60-J fallen to Oppiter on 23/12/1944
* Crew of Typhoon JP583 fallen to Poteau on 24/12/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ740-MP-R fallen to Nassogne on 26/12/1944
* Crew of Wellington HE759 fallen to Roermond (NL) on 21/11/1944
* Crew of Lancaster PD255-BQ-T fallen outside the borders on 3/11/1944
* Crew of Lancaster PB141 60-P fallen out of borders on 23/12/1944
* Crew of Halifax MZ562-C8-A fallen to Balen-Wezel on 13/05/1944
* Crew of Typhoon MN931-FM-S fallen in Utrecht on 24/12/1944
* Crew of Mosquito NS654 fallen to Steinfeld (D) on 17/10/1944
* Crew of Lancaster ME593-UL-T fallen in Berlin (D) on 27/01/1944
* Crew of Halifax LW687-QO-C fallen outside the borders on 31/03/1944


* Crew of Mosquito NT231 fallen to Bièvre on 1/01/1945
* Crew of Halifax LW142-DY-N fallen to Hamme-Mille, on 7/02/1945
* Crew of Mustang FB115 fallen to Vaalbeek on 7/02/1945
* Crew of Halifax NP965-C8Y fallen to Floreffe on 2/03/1945
* Crew of Lancaster NN775-JI-F2 fallen to Bunsbeek 5/03/1945
* Crew of Lancaster LL966-LE-P fallen on 15/02/1945
* Crew of Lancaster LM187-XH-H fallen to Grez-Doiceau on 7/01/1945

* Crew of


Location information

Heverlee War Cemetery is located 30 kilometres from Brussels and 3 kilometres south of Leuven. Turn left out of Leuven railway station onto the Tiensevest (ring road R 23). Follow the Tiensevest through the junctions Tiensepoort and Parkpoort and along the Naamsepoort. Turn left at the Naamsepoort onto the Naamsesteenweg (N251), signposted Namen, Waver and Heverlee. Continue until you cross the railway line at Heverlee and take the first left turn into the Hertogstraat. Follow Hertogstraat to the end and turn right at the Sport Hall onto the Kerspelstraat. Continue down the Kerspelstraat until you come to a crossroads at which the cemetery is located.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)


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