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RAF aircraft's crash sites in Province of Luxembourg:

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Crash site of Lancaster PD230-PO-X

cest raf squadron
Unit: 467 Squadron
Aircraft: Lancaster
Code: PD230-PO-X
Base: Waddington
Mission: Russelheim
Incident: Shot down by German fighter

Location: (Prov. Luxembourg)



Lancaster PD230 took off from RAF Waddington at 2130 hours on the night of 12/13th August 1944 to bomb Russelsheim. Bomb load 1 x 2000lb bomb and 12 “J” clusters.
Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take-off and it did not return to base. Seventeenaircraft from the Squadron took part in the raid and one of these PD230 failed to return.
Claimed by Hptm Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer StabIV/NJG1 - Gouvy 28km SSW Malmedy: 4,300m at 01:05.
The ace of the NachtJager.and top scoring nightfighter pilot anywhere. 121 all at night. It is his Me110 that is displayed in the RAF museum at Hendon. Killed in 1950 in an RTA
Both WO White and Flt Sgt Ramsay survived the crash, evaded capture and arrived back safe in UK. The other five crew members were killed and they are buried in the Hotton
War Cemetery, Luxembourg, Belgium. Hotton is located south of Liege on the N86 highway.
In a later report WO White stated “About 45 minutes after leaving the target an explosion occurred. The aircraft went into a dive from 15000 to 13000 feet when the Pilot managed to temporarily steady. After further difficulty the Rear Gunner reported a fire in the fuselage. The Pilot ordered abandon which was acknowledged by the crew. At 12000 feet the Engineer and Bomb Aimer attempted to open the escape hatch and were having considerable difficulty. I struggled through an opening in the side of the fuselage and abandoned at 10000 feet. I was hit by the propeller or some other part of the aircraft and rendered unconscious. I do not know how the chute opened but landed safely.
The Resistance Movement advised the pilot was killed while still at the controls. Also that four others were killed. Also that one was being sheltered in French territory. I consider this likely to be the Rear Gunner, but have no definite information. No other details re crew members.”

Source: 467 Sqd Facebook page


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