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Memorials to RAF Airmen erected in Province of Vlaams-Brabant
Webbekom: Lancaster JA976-LQ-S

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

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poppiesThe Memorial to the Airmen poppies
of Lancaster JA976-LQ-S

We Remember Them




In the cemetery of Meensel (Meensel-Kiezegem) behind the St Matheuskerk, on the corner of Heibosstraat and Wersbeekstraat, a place of honor was set up for the inhabitants who were arrested during a raid on 1 and 11 August 1944. This raid was held after a member of the Flemish Guard was murdered. 4 residents were shot on the spot, 64 residents died in a concentration camp. One of the deported to the camp of Neuengamme (Germany) was EW Blenkinshop, the pilot of lancaster JA976 LQ-S, 405 Sqdn, which crashed in Webbekom (Diest) in the night of 27-28 April 1944. Blenkinsop was the only survivor, the rest of the crew is buried in Webbekom cemetery. Blenkinshop went into hiding in Meensel-Kiezegem but was arrested during the aforementioned raid and died between Christmas Day 1944 and New Year 1945 following the hardships, on January 5, 1945 he was cremated. For all the dead inhabitants and for him a tombstone was placed on a cemetery of honor (no grave). A monument was also erected at the back of this honorary cemetery for the survivors.

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