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Location of RAF aircraft's crashes in the Province of Vlaams-Brabant

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Last update: 31/01/22

Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

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Crash site of Wellington HE980-ZO

cest raf squadron
Unit: 196 Squadron
Aircraft: Wellington
Code: HE980-ZO
Base: Leconfield
Mission: Koln
Crew officer: GEE, PAUL, Flight Sergeant
Incident: unknwown reasons

Location: (Prov. Vlaams Brabant)



Cologne- region on the east bank of the Rhine where most of the industry was located. 653 aircraft, 30 losses (4.6%). Accurate ground marking by Oboe equipped Mosquitoes leading to another very significant blow to this Ruhr city. 20 industrial and 2200 homes completely destroyed and 588 people killed. A further 72000 people were bombed out. This was the first time the 'Wild Boar' technique had been used, in which the flak height was limited to allow night-fighters to fly over the main force and pick out aircraft in silhouette against the fires below.
Crashed at Averbode, Belgium

The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC)
Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)
Aircrew Remembered

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