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Location of RAF aircraft's crashes in the Province of Vlaams-Brabant

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Last update: 31/01/22

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Crash site of Wellington HF569-HD

cest raf squadron

Unit: 466 Squadron
Aircraft: Wellington
Code: HF569-HD
Base: Leconfield
Mission: Koln
Crew officer: P/O Edmonds, J W
Incident: Shot down by German fighter

Location: (Prov. Vlaams Brabant)



Takeoff at 22:54 for an operation to Köln, Germany.
Shot down by night fighter pilot Leutnant Johannes Hager of the Stab II./NJG 1, flying a Bf 110 G-4 from St Trond (Sint-Truiden) airfield.
Several sources say this aircraft crashed at Neerhespen, but these are outdated. Many sources mixed up with Wellington HZ481-QO-W that crashed at Louvigné (Prov. Liege). This night, 4 Wellington crashed in Belgium, at less than 50 km from one another.
I.B.C.C. says:
- Wellington HF569-HD lost over Belgium
- Wellington HF595-AS-Y took off at 2313hrs. Aircraft was shot down at 01.48hrs by a night fighter flown by Hptm. Siegfried Wandam Stab1/ NJG5. Crashed Herkenbosch 8km W of St. Trond.
- No reason of loss specified for Wellington HZ481-QO-W crashed at Louveigné (Liège).

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