* Unveiling of the National Memorial to the Soviet Armed Partisans in Belgium - 1944 - 2019 *

The Belgians Remember Them: Past events

Last update: 29/10/2019

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Elegy to
the Heroes of Silence

Date: 12/10/2019

Unveiling of the National Memorial to the Soviet Armed Partisans in Belgium 1944-2019

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Date: 18/09/2019

75th national Pilgrimage to the Fort of Breendonk

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Date: 21/08/2019

National ceremony of tribute of Oud-Stuivekenskerke (Diksmuide)

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84th tribute to HM King Albert I and the Heroes of the Yser to Nieuwpoort

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Date: 13/07/2019

National tribute of the Belgians to the Cenotaph of London, United Kingdom

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Date: 15/06/2019
Ceremonies of remembrance to Lichtervelde, Belgium

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Date: 1/06/2019

Service of remembrance to Marq (Enghien), Belgium
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Date: 25/05/2019
Unveiling of the 550 Sqd's Memorial of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
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Date: 22/05/2019
National ceremony of tribute to Rebecq, Belgium
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